Who are we?


As a social agent of relief and improvement, our aim is to seek authentic purposes, in existing researches about various social challenges facing children with special needs. We will then accordingly apply them for the improvement of these children.


WAF seeks to see the virtues and beauties inherent in people with disability. In other words, we see beyond the physical by seeking ability in disability.

Our eyes are trained to see and understand disability beyond physicality.


Therefore, WAF is an unmissable agent of physical improvement of the lives of less privileged children, in our societies nationwide, and by extension globally.


Donating to the Orphanage


We regularly donate items to orphanages in Lagos State and Ogun State in Nigeria. Items include food and clothing.

Feeding the homeless


Every Wednesday morning we provide tea, coffee and sandwiches for the homeless and anyone in need of food. This take place at St Annes Church in Hoxton.

The Launch Event


We have plans to build our very own special needs Orphanage in Ogun State- Abeokuta. The Launch event is a fundraiser.



The Foundation portends to serve as the ears that amplify, echo and accordingly interprete the inaudible voice of the voiceless in society.

Get Involved


In the UK, you can volunteer at the breakfast giveaway on Wednesday mornings at St Annes Hoxton.


In Nigeria, you can offer to donate and volunteer time and expertise.

You can also donate to our charity account:

Account Name: Whispering Angels Foundation

Account Number: 2097282291

Bank: UBA

Please use the contact us page for further details.


For the orphanage:

Expertise needed: Architects, lawyers, accountants, bricklayers, welders, carpenters, electricians.


Items required: blocks, doors, windows, security gates, roofing sheets, cement, iron bars.


If you are able to donate expertise or items, or money for items please use the contact us page for your pledge.